the 100 postcard project

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As soon as I read this post by Naomi Bulger, I ran to the library and bought a thick stack of postcards to put in the mail. Mrs. Bulger, an avid snail-mail advocate and illustrator, is on a mission to send one thousand postcards to strangers around the world in 2017. You can sign up on her website to receive yours very soon.

Her project made me think about how much I love receiving handwritten notes in the mail, and how I want to give other people the excitement of spotting an unexpected card in their mailbox.

My mail slot is the top one in my corridor. I have to stand on my tippy-toes to look inside every morning, convinced that a tiny envelope or sweet postcard could have slid to the back. Most days it’s empty – but when it’s not, I unlock the little door, grab my mail and twirl down the hall to my room to open it.

So I went out and bought a stack of postcards, and if you’d like, I’ll send one your way. Just fill in your name and mailing address below. I’ll never share it or use it for anything else.

As Naomi writes on her blog, I’d love to send you a line from a poem, a story, a recipe, or something else that I hope will brighten your day. And maybe (fingers crossed) you’ll turn around and send someone a postcard, too.

Author: erika

Hi! I'm Erika, a 21-year-old university student on the west coast of Canada. I love red lipstick, banana pancakes, and heart-to-hearts in bustling coffee shops. Talk to me about international relations or cute cat videos whenever you want.

5 thoughts on “the 100 postcard project”

  1. hey!!! I’m Victoria from Argentina. Today I got your postcard! It didn’t have any contact details and I freaked out a bit but Google helped and here I am, thanking you properly! I’d love to follow you on instagram, I’m @ohjustvictoria there. Thank you so much, it was a great surprise and a lovely postcard too xx

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  2. Hi Erika! I got your postcard this morning and it really made my day so much better 🙂
    It’s lovely and so beautiful! I would really like to send you something in return.
    If you’re up for it, please email me your current address to

    Yulia from Moscow

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  3. Hi Erika! I received your lovely postcard today. What a lovely surprise 🙂 So great that you are writing from Vancouver. My travel plans for 2018; Canada! I hope you have a great year with lots of beautiful travel plans 🙂 All the best, Yvonne

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